Boost the transparency of your supply chain with REAL-TIME ETA from PTV Drive&Arrive

PTV Drive&Arrive integrated to PTV Route Optimiser

PTV Drive&Arrive integrated to PTV Route Optimiser, allow you to publish planned routes to the PTV Driver app which enable the driver to have his tasks for the day in a digital format and allow to navigate to the destination taking real time traffic into consideration. A Dashboard is available for the PTV Route Optimiser user to view the progress of each route as well as the real time ETA’s of the next stops.

PTV Drive&Arrive creates a win-win-win for shipper, haulier and warehouse operator. It keeps all stakeholders of the transportation chain up-to-date on delays and expected arrival times.

Thereby, it enables them to intervene in case of disruptions, plan resources accordingly and reduce idle times.

This results in more efficiency for everyone: Warehouse staff know when to expect incoming transports and are able to ensure an efficient and balanced use of their resources, hauliers reduce long and unproductive waiting at the warehouse, and shippers avoid contractual penalties, while maintaining a high service quality.