Powerful Logistics Solutions

Optimise your fleet planning and scheduling – Reduce transport and operating costs  Boost the efficiency of your vehicle fleet
Relieve planners and dispatchers Improve customer service

Feel Confident

With 30,000,000 routes optimized each day, PTV users are reaching their customers faster than ever

Save Up to 25%

Ensure the optimal balance of fleet or technician usage by discovering the best routes & delivery strategies

Be More Productive

Extend your current logistics architecture with customisable API components, saving up to 15%

Improve Service

Have more time for your clients. Visit them more often while reducing mileage and overnight trips

Route Optimising Software Solutions

Award winning cloud-based system! Tailored for delivery fleets and mobile workforce service providers, PTV Route Optimiser plans and optimise routes, in order to cut transport costs and utilise fleets effectively. And it’s easy to use!

PTV Drive&Arrive calculates the ETA based on route information and position data as well as traffic information and all truck-relevant attributes and restrictions.

You can improve your operation by making your current software do everything you want. PTV xServer provides flexible developer components with a variety of powerful custom APIs to enhance your logistics and location-based functionality and performance

Professional Services & Consulting

Put PTV’s 30-plus years of experience to work for your business.

Whether you need expert advice, training, business consulting or research,
PTV is the partner that will help your business to prosper