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Field Service & Mobile Workforce

Plan the right skill set to the right place at the right time using the most efficient route, and gain that competitive edge.

PTV Route Optimiser can optimise your workforce and increase your service levels to improve customer satisfaction and reduce driving distance and time.

Several types of field services companies are already using PTV Route Optimiser to optimally assign and schedule their resources in order to serve the maximum number of orders in the most effective and compliant way.

We provide our solution to customerís front line managers and corporate decision makers who need to achieve improved and measurable operational efficiency and visibility. Our customerís mobile workforces range from installations, maintenance, cleaning and inspections to home and health care and many other professional services.

PTV Route Optimiser can increase the productivity of your workforce by:

  • Allocating best fit employees with the right mix of skills and experience to the job requirement in the optimal sequence and route for logistical efficiency
  • Considering complex rules and meeting necessary time windows and requirements to improve your customer experience
  • Creating and providing opportunities to workload balance for greater utilisation
  • Eliminating unnecessary time spent on manual processes

If historical working practices donít provide the required flexibility needed to meet growing demand, our solution can provide you with the tools and information needed to drive quality performance and gain a true understanding of the cost of delivering services.

This can also benefit you when you bid for more profitable business to your clients. All whilst delivering the kind of service that leads to retention, and which not only meets the needs of todayís requirements but also to address future requirements too as services modernise.

PTV Route Optimiser can deliver true value to your organisation by eliminating poor workforce deployment and unlocking the true potential of your workforce.