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Individual Driver, Single Vehicle

Make cost savings and increase customer service by scheduling multiple deliveries in the most logical and optimised route

PTV Route Optimiser software is an easy to use solution which can consider all of your order constraints and provide the most efficient sequence for your daily deliveries in just seconds.

Simple online access allows you to import your orders easily, and whatever your business it can reduce the cost of delivering your service to customers by minimising road miles and co2 emissions.

PTV Route Optimiser can improve your efficiency by:

  • Raising your customer service by meeting time windows
  • Improve productivity and deliver more of your service by optimising the pool of orders and their sequence
  • Maximise your load capacity or time available by considering all variables

The solution can also give you greater control and flexibility should you have situations that require human intervention. You can manually modify routes, change the sequence of stops or move allocated orders.