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Vehicle scheduling, route optimisation and fleet management solutions

Route Optimiser is a new generation of routing and scheduling software providing both web-based and on-premise leading edge route planning and optimisation technology. Route Optimiser is versatile, user friendly and cost effective and has established Best of Breed partnerships with specialist suppliers to execute your entire logistics operation.

Route Optimiser is provided by PTV International, one of the leading suppliers of vehicle scheduling solutions. Your business can benefit in many ways from using vehicle routing and scheduling software:

  • Cost savings - typically at least 10% but often in excess of 25%
  • Environmental benefits from using less resources - reduce your carbon foortprint
  • Improved customer service - your customer gets the deliveries when they want them and with the right vehicle
  • Improved management control - better control of resources by linking the sales process with warehousing and transport systems
  • Improved information flow - everyone knows the status of orders at any time
  • Improved reporting - KPIs available on the use of resources

Please see our partners page for information relating to:

  • Managing and controlling logistics in real time, both in-house and sub-contracted
  • Supply chain applications and managed solutions including ERP, CRM, Transport Management Systems and Warehouse Management Software
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems, Vehicle Tracking Solutions & Mobile Workforce Management
  • Navigation and location-based products and services