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Vehicle scheduling, route optimisation and fleet management solutions

Route Optimiser is a new generation of routing and scheduling software providing a web-based service built on leading edge route planning and optimisation technology, delivered to you in an easy-to-use and cost effective SaaS package.

Route Optimiser - the leading web-based scheduling software - is provided by PTV International, one of the leading suppliers of vehicle scheduling solutions.

You can benefit in many ways from using vehicle routing and scheduling software:

  • Cost savings - typically at least 10% but often in excess of 25%
  • Environmental benefits from using less resources - reduce your carbon foortprint
  • Improved customer service - your customer gets the deliveries when they want them and with the right vehicle
  • Improved management control - better control of resources by linking the sales process with warehousing and transport systems
  • Improved information flow - everyone knows the status of orders at any time
  • Improved reporting - KPIs available on the use of resources