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Product Routing & Scheduling Route Optimiser Single Depot

Route Optimiser vehicle routing and scheduling software enables users to calculate efficient transport schedules based at a single depot in order to cut transport costs and utilise fleets effectively.

Route Optimiser Single Depot incorporates advanced route planning and scheduling optimisation with numerous features that combine ease of use with the versatility to handle the widest range of transport operations.

How does Route Optimiser Single Depot routing and scheduling software work?

Route Optimiser software is highly configurable and capable of handling a wide range of transport constraints easily.

The vehicle and routing software uses details of customer addresses, delivery quantities, time windows, vehicle sizes, driver shift details, and other transportation parameters and use highly developed algorithms to calculate the most effective delivery and collection sequences.

It can provide accurate journey times, allocate loads to appropriate vehicles and their driver. This ensures that the schedules are geographically feasible to meet promised arrival time windows, while improving fleet utilisation and productivity through efficient routes with minimal total mileage incurred and empty running reduced.

How the solution benefits your business

  • Cut transport costs by up to 25%
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce delivery lead times
  • Cuts out paperwork
  • Improve strategic decision making
  • Enable operational expansion
  • Optimised route scheduling at depot level

Parameters and scope of the vehicle routing software

The advanced features of the solution can enable configuration for use across a diverse range of industries. Whether you have your own fleet or hire in additional vehicles the software is suitable for daily routing, optimising fixed routes and strategic planning. Route Optimiser is available as a browser based solution and easily interfaces with SOP, WMS and ERP systems. It's Windows based user friendly display allows you to review and modify schedules should you need to.

You can calibrate the system with your fleet and depot profile settings taking into consideration vehicle capacities, driver hours, depot restrictions and set customer parameters for improved routing accuracy. Multi-drop, single-drop, multi-tripping and multi-day route functionality is available.

In addition you can also take into account product constraints, order and vehicle priority, multi compartment and co-ordinate dispatch operation.


Route Optimiser screenshot 1 Route Optimiser screenshot 2 Route Optimiser screenshot 3 Route Optimiser screenshot 4

What Our Customers Have to Say

“Callie Herbst, Logistics Manager, Agrinet says: "It is definitely a time and money saving system – our vehicles spend less hours a day travelling therefore doing fewer kilometres than before, which directly impacts our bottom line by dramatically saving on fuel costs."”


“Johan Grobler, Contract Manager for Unitrans Freight and Logistics says: "LogiX is useful for our daily scheduling of multidrop deliveries, which we make using about 30 trucks at a time. It is especially beneficial to us and our customer as it and offers both efficient vehicle and load capacity utilisation. For us the system is tremendously quick, efficient and cost effective. Since moving over to this system our customer has reacted extremely positively. In addition we maintain high customer service levels and in turn they also enjoy increased efficiencies." PlanLogiX assists at Unitrans Johannesburg Cross Dock As a result of implementing PlanLogiX in an operational environment for dailing scheduling at their Johannesburg Cross Dock operation, Unitrans can definitely see improvements across their business. The system has given Unitrans a clearer picture of how many vehicles to bring into the scheduling picture, according to Unitrans' manager Trevor Lai-Foy. In addition to finding the shortest route PlanLogiX shedules different products onto available vehicles to ensure all orders scheduled are delivered within a specific time frame.”


“Simba, part of the Pepsico Group, are South Africas premier supplier of crisps. Simba found themselves in a situation where they had limited control over vehicles, the potential to add routes as a result of increased sales and therefore an increase in capital expenditure – so they chose LogiX!! Ernest Smith, National Sales Productivity Manager, said: “During our recent peak season we didn't have to hire any additional vehicles to cope with the increased loads. An indication of proper route engineering. Our return on investment has been an overwhelming 700% over a very short period. Most other software packages would only provide us with scheduling functionality whereas the solution provided by DPS and the local representative addressed our particular needs.””


“Fred Theart, Contract Supervisor for Tydstroom Durbanville says: "The LogiX system is extremely helpful to Unitrans customers on a daily basis. In fact, the Unitrans credo of striving to be the most innovative provider of supply chain solutions in partnership with their customers is underscored by the use of the system. It allows us to print out trip sheets that we hand to our drivers so that they follow the process that our customers prefer."”